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Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle IndieGoGo Campaign

Loved SweetChiel’s previous work, “Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones”. “Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle” may not be a sequel but is set in the same universe.

Please check it out and support if you like it here.


First Impressions on Henri’s Secret

It’s finally here! Beemoov’s new visual novel, Henri’s Secret, was released June 1st.


So far I’m enjoying it. 🙂 It has an interesting art style and the animation gives that extra touch for the storytelling experience. Loving Lyla as the MC since she has a great personality compared to protagonists in their other games. She also has amazingly cute and heartwarming best friends.


Click here to check it out!


Oh goodness, I butchered Lyla’s name… thought it was pronounced like “Layla” as in Lucy Heartfilia’s mother. ><