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Summer 2017 Anime Update


So far I’ve been enjoying this season’s lineup. Please refer to the previous post if you’re interested in what I’m watching.

Now onto the main topic I want to share with you all today. I’m adding another romance to the list which is Enmusubi no Youko-chan (Fox Spirit Matchmaker)! Would not have discovered it if my usual go-to chart site was down for maintenance a few days ago (and is not tracking this anime’s episode countdown?) which led me to check another site and that’s how I stumbled upon this series that I did not recognized.

If you’re looking for heartbreaking love stories, then this is for you~

Basically, these stories are between spirits and humans. Spirits live longer than humans and even when the human is reborn, they will have no memories of their past life.  To regain their love one’s memories, they can use the “service” provided by the “Fox Spirit Matchmakers”.

Do note that this series was originally made in China. Therefore, I checked Huyao Xiao Hongniang out first before watching the Japanese adaptation.

Chinese Version

Each episode is about 10-15 minutes. Short but entertaining. The first 2-3 episodes were very cringy. In my opinion, the show tried too hard to be funny by packing in lots of jokes. Plus, everything didn’t seem to make sense at first. It gets better after that especially around episode 7-8. This is where the drama starts and humor tones down so be prepared to get your heartstrings pulled. There will be moments where you can’t wait for couples to be together, crying at backstories, frustrated at characters that they don’t deserve their lover, and satisfied that the couples are finally together. This is my kind of romance! ❤

Love the Openings and Endings! The OPs have a way of setting the mood that makes you want the pairing in that specific arc to be together while the EDs are relaxing to listen to. My favorite OP is the first one which is upbeat.

Japanese Version

This version will have 24 episodes containing 3 story arcs (the original might be airing its 5th arc). Each episodes is about 2-3 of the Chinese version. There are definitely differences such as edits and scene cuts. So far there are 6 episodes and I don’t feel the same roller coaster emotions as the original. Because the original episodes were short, they were good at creating suspense and makes you want to see the next episode. However, stitching 2-3 episodes into a 24 minutes episode cuts out some humor/details and reduces the suspense at crucial moments. Though, I’m interested in how they will handle the 3rd arc. Those cliffhangers at the end of each 3rd arc’s episode are a killer, so I think the 24 minute episode format will help make the story feel less dragging.

The OP will contain spoilers as it combines the images from both the first and second original OPs. I’m not really a fan of this opening because why start off the show depressingly when the show is going to become progressively sorrowful… At least, I don’t have a problem with the ending since it’s peaceful like the other endings.

I hope this series will continue to prosper. 🙂 Being my first “Chinese anime”, it was amazing! I’m interested in checking out more~

Summer 2017 Anime

This season’s lineup is quite interesting including many in the romance category. Compared to last season, I didn’t find much romance or full episode length series to watch. Now that the new season has begun it’s a whole different story!

Note: This will be my personal watching list for the season and may not contain all romance series! Even though some shows may not be listed here and if you are interested in them, by all means check them out.



98005-rz5viwren7s3Ballroom e Youkoso – Definitely had my eyes on this one and will be following it to the end! (Never knew that ballroom was competitive since I thought it was just a type of dance for socials.)

98320-d86tddyh2cx9Koi to Uso – I’m intrigued by the concept that the government chooses one’s marriage partner based on genetics even though it’s a creepy thought if it were to be implemented in real life.

98631-ki1bh5p1goisKonbini Kareshi – So far the first episode was meh. Hopefully, there’s character development.

98659-qfr7akfmthnlYoukoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – This point system is very fishy as to why a school for “elites” the teacher is so lenient on students slacking in class and students carelessly spending their points in addition is used as currency. Also, how do students earn these points? By a honor system? Competing against other classes?

97766-inwsfpoysajyGamers! – Started off rocky but by the middle/end of the first episode it got my attention.

98291-rr8vlg8zq1zbTsurezure Children – Some of the couples are adorable~

Misc. (Comedy, Slice of life, etc.)

98715-c2trolgmkzlxIkemen Sengoku: Toki o Kakeru Koi – To be honest, as an otome fan I was opposed to giving it a try when I saw the pv/trailer. Despite that… I couldn’t resist good-looking historical men! Even though it’s still not what I expect it to be, I’ll continue watching it. Those chibis must have grown onto me… Plus, I want to see Date Masamune!

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu – I wasn’t aware that it was based off of a game or that it had a huge female fanbase until I previewed the comment section. There were a lot of hateful comments just from the first episode? From what I saw, the first episode wasn’t hard to understand. There’s action, time traveling involved, the kitsune can use advance technology, and the main characters are the good guys who try to prevent the bad guys from changing history. (I shall check out Hanamaru and the game itself as well!)

98501-hrkpqduao2b6Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou – This one is quite relaxing to watch since I don’t have to think hard about what’s going on. The youkai here reminds me of the spirits from Spirited Away. In addition, the opening song makes me feel happy~ ^w^ (I’m so jealous of the MC. He gets to wake up to three cute blue birds right outside his window! X3)

98205-c94s2cqj4ll2Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun – The comedy is there but… the guy flashing his abs and the girl stalking Aoyama-kun really irks me. I’m not sure if I could last another episode. On the bright side, for those who want to watch it, the circumstances surrounding Aoyama-kun’s life is very humorous to watch and the character kind of reminds me of Ryoma Echizen.

98519-woog7yxxktwtCentaur no Nayami – The characters are cute~ Though, the story may have a dark undertone.

97855-bpwo0crnrpaiVatican Kiseki Chousakan – The art appeals to me. However, the pacing was too fast in the first episode! It doesn’t let you have time to think or digest the information thrown at you. I hope that it’s not like that in future episodes.

97617-tmrrraupfbt5Isekai Shokudou – Almost missed this gem. It’s very lighthearted. The owner is kind and the female demon is adorable and easy to sympathize with.

Emma – A My Cup of Tea Anime


By now, I have at least seen or heard of most shoujo romance anime out there and probably the ones that are well known… which led me to look up series that were underrated. One title caught my interest and was mentioned by several others. It’s called Emma – A Victorian Romance and surprisingly a title I was not familiar with.

The show aired in 2005 and has two seasons. Don’t let the early 2000s art, stop you from watching. As for my own opinion on art style in general, it doesn’t really matter unless it’s really bad that my eyes can’t take it. In this case, it’s fine. Actually, I like the realism vibe it has. It sort of make sense since it’s historical and the creator put in a great amount of detail to depict the Victorian era. (Another amazing historical anime I recommend is Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju which I finished before watching Emma. I’ll make sure to write a review later.)

The story line is straightforward in which a couple from different social backgrounds fall in love and struggle against societal Victorian London. Emma is a strong female MC who is a diligent maid. She has a sad past but that doesn’t stop her from living. Although, William was a laid back character at first,  he never (even though makes mistakes *cough*) gave up loving Emma and became more responsible.

His best friend, Hakim, is such an interesting character. Though, I find it hilarious as to how he could put up with Will being a wimp. XD Then, there’s Eleanor who has a one-sided love for Will. Believe me, she was really annoying for majority of the show but there are other characters equally annoying as her. Thank goodness by the the end she was able to move on and hopefully finds someone who’ll love her. Ah, poor Hans, handsome but there was no way he had a chance against Emma’s strong feelings for Will.

An intriguing part of the series is William’s mother. In most stories, parents especially mothers are either dead or are not mentioned at all. However, learning about the truth was quite the surprise. You’ll have to watch to find out~

One last thing I love was the opening music. I never skipped it since it was so beautiful to listen to!

Hope this was persuasive and that you’d enjoy watching it~ :3

(Now I’m interested in checking out the manga.)

First Impressions on Henri’s Secret

It’s finally here! Beemoov’s new visual novel, Henri’s Secret, was released June 1st.


So far I’m enjoying it. 🙂 It has an interesting art style and the animation gives that extra touch for the storytelling experience. Loving Lyla as the MC since she has a great personality compared to protagonists in their other games. She also has amazingly cute and heartwarming best friends.


Click here to check it out!


Oh goodness, I butchered Lyla’s name… thought it was pronounced like “Layla” as in Lucy Heartfilia’s mother. ><