About Me

Hello all~

I’m known as Anime0Lover from many sites such as MCL. Love Eevee, birds, and the romance genre! Don’t always have money to support new otome titles and titles localized into English so I want to do my part in getting the word out there.

Why didn’t you use the username you usually go by?

Well, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to talk about anime or otome. So it came to me that what they both have in common was the subject of romance that I’m passionate about. You can still address me as Anime0Lover or whatever suits you.

Do you have other social media sites?

Made a Tumblr but my main content will be posted here.


About This Site


I’m very knowledgeable when it come to anime. Hence, the name I typically go by. In fact, I’m older than Pokemon itself and as old as Detective Conan. XD Besides romance, I enjoy most genres except for horror.


I’ll admit manga isn’t going to be my strongest talking point. However, I’ve read many oneshots and a few full series. I’ve also seen a couple of manhwa (Korean), manhua (Chinese), and web comics/webtoons.

Games (Otome)

Which systems will you be covering?

Mostly PC games and the occasional DS/3DS titles. Sadly, I can’t give you my opinion on PS Vita or mobile ones.

Where do you get all your otome news and updates?

From englishotomegames