Spring 2018 Visual Novel Wishlist

ps0mizbWhat I’ve been up to in terms of gaming? Well, I started playing the Dragon Age series last year, and I’m currently towards the end of Dragon Age 2. All I have left to do is play the DCLs and finish Act 3. Romanced Anders yet felt betrayed… I’m thinking of taking a break after DA 2 to play some otome again before starting DA Inquisition.

Also, recently finished playing Detective Pikachu which released last month. I really enjoyed it and liked the concept of Pokemon coexisting with humans in a modern day setting.

As for my wishlist, I’ve included at least one vn where you don’t have to pursue romance and it does not effect your playthrough of getting a good ending. Sort of like in DA. If you’re interesting, check it out and support the developer. To give you a hint, does the name Rinmaru rings a bell? Otherwise, most on the list will be otome.

Now let’s get started~

In Progress

24280992ac83ea56cb7b16bef7754bdd_originalSilent Voices – I was hoping it would get released by the end of March, but Tamagobuns is still working on it. Here’s their progress.

In the meantime, I’m happy I’ve received my Autumn key chain! She’s adorable~ X3 Does anybody want to see her? If so, let me find some time to borrow my brother’s phone and to take some shots.

343429428c42f00604e4d3f7f25ba9e4_originalQueen’s Crown – Similarly with Silent Voices, QC was suppose to release by the end of March too. Though, the project was put on hold a few weeks ago due to a family emergency. It’s good to get an update from Agashi and to hear that she’s doing ok.

If you’re interested in learning more about the game, the love interests, or its world building, check out QC’s blog for some juicy info. Or want to find your question in a more quick and organized way; check out the masterlist of the answered asks compiled by a fan.

17309497_568516593340424_5776128875831403913_nLost in Secular Love – Interested in romancing monks? 😉 And if you don’t fancy bald heads, then you can toggle the characters to have hair. Although it’s been released on Steam in Chinese, I’m waiting for it to be translated into English. Last I’ve heard news was from February. Nevermind, just found out that they’re recruiting Beta testers for the final test! This is exciting news!!!

headerCardinal Cross – ImpQueen’s galactic novel! Also known as Rinmaru who made Ascension. Currently, there’s 7 out of 12 chapters available for Early Access on Steam and at a discounted price. Once the game is complete the full version will cost higher. If you decide to buy it now, you’ll get a free upgrade of the full version.


header1Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms – Originally, I thought the game was going to release in April, but it was released last month on Steam and for Vita. Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms is the second part to Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds. If you’re planning to buy both, then I suggest purchasing them as a bundle. I’m a fan since watching the anime but haven’t played any of the Hakuoki series yet. I never got the chance because at the time when the original game was released it wasn’t available for game systems I owned. I was planning to get the 3DS version a few years back, but Idea Factory decided to remake the main series which is split into Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms. Plus, 6 new bachelors were added making the total of 12 men you could date! Now I got to save up for the PC version.

header4Miraclr – Divine Dating Sim – Basically, Mystic Messenger but with angels. Never played Mystic Messenger before but at least now I can experience similar mechanics with Miraclr. Plus, you can name, select your appearance, and choose being male, female, or non-binary.

header3Crossroad – Simply, I like fairy tales. Crossroad seems like a Red Riding Hood story where Lumy travels to her grandmother’s house through the woods where she may meet someone strange.



The Bell Chimes for Gold – For years, I’ve been following its English development. I’m even more excited when I recently found out there were RPG elements! Not only did the developers needed funds to translate it; they also had to change the story and art to make it appropriate for Steam’s all age version. Released April 6 with a 10% launch discount until April 13. The 18+ version can be found on Denpasoft. Props to Otusun Club for not giving up on localizing the game into English. ❤

Hope it was informational~ :3


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