Layton is back?!

Professor Layton logo edit with question markThe Professor Layton series is one of the few games I play. Characters are intriguing to look at because of how strangely nonstandard they’re drawn yet works for the universe they are put in. The story has lots of twists in it which makes me want to see what else the creators have in store for us. Though, I was quite sad when I thought Azran Legacy was the last one in the series.

It wasn’t until I received one of Nintendo’s newsletters last week that I found out the story continues. Most of the time I take a quick glance at it before deleting but this time I did a double take when I spotted the word “Layton”. I thought to myself “Layton. As in Professor Layton?!”. I clicked on it and was elated when I saw that Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy was part of the Professor Layton series. This time it’s not Professor Layton himself as the main character but his daughter, Katrielle. The 3DS game was released on October 6th so why didn’t I know about it sooner?

Katrielle Layton

I had to tell my brother the news because he’s a fan too. He couldn’t hide his excitement from me.  Because we couldn’t find a used copy nearby, he said he would wait a couple of months to get one. Instead, he went to Game Stop over the weekend to buy a new copy. With gift cards of course.

So far I’ve solved the first case. I’m still getting use to the characters since I miss the old cast. Kat is a fashion and food lover. Her assistant, Ernest, is obviously in love with her. Their third team member is an amnesiac talking dog, Sherl.

If you have played, please tell me what you think. :3

Official site: here


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