Emma – A My Cup of Tea Anime


By now, I have at least seen or heard of most shoujo romance anime out there and probably the ones that are well known… which led me to look up series that were underrated. One title caught my interest and was mentioned by several others. It’s called Emma – A Victorian Romance and surprisingly a title I was not familiar with.

The show aired in 2005 and has two seasons. Don’t let the early 2000s art, stop you from watching. As for my own opinion on art style in general, it doesn’t really matter unless it’s really bad that my eyes can’t take it. In this case, it’s fine. Actually, I like the realism vibe it has. It sort of make sense since it’s historical and the creator put in a great amount of detail to depict the Victorian era. (Another amazing historical anime I recommend is Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju which I finished before watching Emma. I’ll make sure to write a review later.)

The story line is straightforward in which a couple from different social backgrounds fall in love and struggle against societal Victorian London. Emma is a strong female MC who is a diligent maid. She has a sad past but that doesn’t stop her from living. Although, William was a laid back character at first,  he never (even though makes mistakes *cough*) gave up loving Emma and became more responsible.

His best friend, Hakim, is such an interesting character. Though, I find it hilarious as to how he could put up with Will being a wimp. XD Then, there’s Eleanor who has a one-sided love for Will. Believe me, she was really annoying for majority of the show but there are other characters equally annoying as her. Thank goodness by the the end she was able to move on and hopefully finds someone who’ll love her. Ah, poor Hans, handsome but there was no way he had a chance against Emma’s strong feelings for Will.

An intriguing part of the series is William’s mother. In most stories, parents especially mothers are either dead or are not mentioned at all. However, learning about the truth was quite the surprise. You’ll have to watch to find out~

One last thing I love was the opening music. I never skipped it since it was so beautiful to listen to!

Hope this was persuasive and that you’d enjoy watching it~ :3

(Now I’m interested in checking out the manga.)


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